Shelter Director Bill Cerase (front row 3rd from left), assistant director Mendy Morris ((3rd from right back row) volunteers, board members and members at our Have A Heart Open House Sunday February 14, 2014

Board Members

Skip Williams - President

David Ayers – Vice President

Marian Wooten – Secretary

Marion Thompson – Treasurer

Todd Anderson

Joan Bowen

Kathy Rhodes

Neil Lee

Owen Thomas

Dr. Curt Locklear (Southeastern Veterinarian Hospital Lumberton)


RCHS Staff

Bill Cerase - Director

Mendy Morris - Assist. Director

Megan Sirmans - P/T Weekend Staff

Kyle Begay - P/T Kennel Attendant

Wayne Locklear - P/T Weekend Kennel Attendant

Peggy Hughes - P/T Floating Staff

Volunteer Opportunities

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word “volunteer” as: A person who performs or offers to perform a service voluntarily. What a great concept. We could not function on a daily basis without our caring, committed volunteers. Thank you ALL for the selfless acts of kindness you show the animals of the RCHS every day. Volunteers are an integral part of the Robeson County Humane Society.

To become a volunteer, we have an application and an approx. 20 minute orientation class that we have on Thursdays at 4pm. You will need to call us the week before to confirm which day you'd like to take the class.

We use volunteers in every department, including: 

Animal Intake
Answering Phones
Cleaning Cat Cages
Cleaning Kennels
Cleaning Offices
Data Entry Services
Dog Playground Rotation
Feeding/Watering Animals
Front Desk
Grant Writing
Legislative Services
Playing with cats and dogs
Secretarial Services
Spay/Neuter Transport
Veterinary Services (vet tech certification/training required)
Veterinary Transport
Volunteer Coordination/Scheduling
Walking Dogs

For additional information on Volunteer opportunities,
please contact Joan Bowen at