Spay and Neuter Program


Spay and Neuter Fund

You can donate to our Spay and Neuter fund.  There is a huge animal overpopulation problem in Robeson County. The pet population is dramatically impacted by just one pair of animals.  It is estimated that one male cat can be responsible for over 2,000 offspring in just one year.  Animals that have been spayed or neutered enjoy better health, reduced risk of cancer, and better behaved.  Your donation will be put directly into this fund.  

For more information call 910-738-8282. 


Spay and Neuter Program


Effective August 2017, low-income pet owners can obtain a voucher to have their pets sterilized at any Robeson County veterinary clinic. The cost is $20.00 for cats or $25.00 for dogs and includes the spay/neuter surgery, anesthesia and pain medications for the day of surgery, as well as a rabies vaccination.


Please bring photo identification that shows your current address. 

All persons interested in applying should come to the Robeson County Health Department's side door (Environmental Health entrance) at 460 Country Club Road, Lumberton on Thursday (1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m.).  Only the pet's owner can apply. Bring $20.00 (cat) or $25.00 (dog) per pet, current verification of one of the six forms of assistance being received, and  photo identification with your current address. For more information, call 910-671-3205.